How does it all work ? …and other frequently asked questions!

How does it all work ? Whats it all about?

Our festival operates a little differently to a run of the mill beer festival. The idea behind the event is to give consumers the opportunity to taste across a spectrum of styles and countries of origin.  It enables you to explore the world of craft beer and encourages  you to taste outside your comfort zone and to do so affordably.

It also gives small independent importers and brewers a platform to meet their customers and showcase their beers.

What’s included in the ticket price?

For your hard earned entry price of twenty euro, you get so much more than just great entertainment all day in our exclusive beer garden.  You also get a free festival beer tankard as well as 3 x complimentary beer tokens.

With these ‘beer tokens’ we urge you to try something different. There’s a world of beer in here!

What price is a pint? How much is a beer? etc

Ah, we do not sell pints at the event. The event operates on specifically designed tankards, inclusive of ticket price and we sell in 150ml format. Beer is only served in this format.

Every 150ml costs the ticket holder just €2.00. This includes beers from Breweries such as Mikkeller, TOOL, Brewdog, Odell, Left Hand, Innis & Gunn, Rogue, White Gypsy, Cider Ireland and the list goes on.